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Travel Tips

Helpful Travel Tips

  • Let us know about your travel plans. Alert your local branch so restrictions won’t automatically be placed on your card due to a change in your spending habits or online banking access. Or email us through online banking by clicking on the customer service tab.
  • Let us know which states or countries you will be visiting, dates of travel, and how to contact you while you are away.
  • Stay informed of your account activity by signing up for transaction alerts in online banking.
  • Keep a separate copy of your cards’ information, and add the phone number to your contact list so you can act quickly if your cards are lost or stolen.

While you are away

  • Carry two forms of payment when traveling, such as a debit and credit card, in case one of them is not an accepted form of payment.
  • Use caution at restaurants and make sure your card is returned in a timely manner.
  • Have fun and bring in photos when you return!